XI. Events Following the end of the Reporting Period

Within the context of the share buy-back programme begun in October 2008, Bechtle AG acquired a further 4,403 treasury shares from 1 January to 2 March 2009 at an average purchase price per share of 11.09 euros (total costs including transaction costs: 49 thousand euros). The total number of treasury shares bought back since 9 October 2008 thus comes to 213,903 which are to be valued in the amount of 2,296 thousand euros with open overall costs to be recognised as a reduction in equity.

The establishment of Bechtle direct Portugal, Sociedade Unipessoal Lda, at the beginning of March 2009, brings the number of European countries in which the Bechtle Group is represented with the IT e-commerce segment to eleven. No material impacts on the asset, finance or revenue situation or cash flows of the Bechtle Group are to be expected from this newly founded company for fiscal year 2009.

No other events of particular significance occurred after the reporting period.

Neckarsulm, 2 March 2009
Bechtle AG

The Executive Board