Wrede Systemhaus GmbH, Meschede

All shares in Wrede Systemhaus GmbH, Meschede, were acquired at the time of acquisition on 18 September 2008.

The recognition of the company acquisition on the balance sheet occurred using the purchase method (IFRS 3.16 et seq.).

In addition to the appointed assets and liabilities accrued from the acquired company, a customer base (1,330 thousand euros) was newly identified pursuant to the IFRS 3 in connection with IAS 38. In the course of capitalising the customer base, which is depreciated over five years, deferred tax liabilities were created (407 thousand euros).

With due regard to the total acquired net assets (1,058 thousand euros), the capital consolidation gave rise to a difference of 1,731 thousand euros which is recognised as goodwill.

With the acquisition of Wrede Systemhaus (30 employees), the Bechtle Group has further strengthened its presence in the IT system house & managed services segment in North Rhine-Westphalia by a company already established in the market, whose customers include in particular local medium-sized companies from a wide variety of sectors as well as public clients.

Since the acquisition and purchase price allocation of Wrede Systemhaus viewed individually is immaterial for the Bechtle Group, it will be shown in the balance sheet at the time of initial consolidation pursuant to IFRS 3.68 summarised with the other individually viewed immaterial acquisitions and their purchase price allocations at the end of this Item VIII.