(9) Property, Plant and Equipment

in th. euros   31.12.2008   31.12.2007
Property and buildings   5,786   4,202
Other equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings   16,419   15,336
Plant and machinery   0   25
Advance payments and construction in progress   1,553   0
Property, plant and equipment   23,758   19,563

The plants recognised in the prior year under Plant and machinery were reassigned in the fiscal year to Other equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings for reasons of materiality. There has been only negligible extraordinary depreciation on property, plant and equipment.

On the balance sheet date, there were contractual liabilities for the purchase of property, plant and equipment in the amount of 858 thousand euros in connection with plants under construction.

Leased assets worth 6 thousand euros (prior year: 113 thousand euros) are included under equipment as of 31 December 2008 in accordance with IAS 17.20 or IAS 17.25 (finance leases). On 31 December 2008, the present value of future minimum lease payments totalled 6 thousand euros (prior year: 126 thousand euros). In the fiscal year 2009, lease payments in the amount of 6 thousand euros will fall due (prior year: 121 thousand euros). The present value of these payments is 6 thousand euros (prior year: 119 thousand euros). Since no more leasing payments are due in the medium term (prior year: 7 thousand euros), the corresponding present value is 0 thousand euros (prior year: 7 thousand euros).

Following expiry of the basic term, which in principal corresponds to 60 per cent of the useful life of the leased objects, the lessee may purchase the leased object or extend the term of the lease. Following expiry of the basic term, the lessor is entitled to sell the leased object. Some 90 per cent of the proceeds of the sale is to be counted towards the remaining liability of the lessee.

The statement of changes in property, plant and equipment is shown in detail in Appendix B and C to the notes.