(3) Other Operating Income

The other operating income was as follows:

in th. euros   2008   2007
Marketing allowances and other remuneration to suppliers   4,057   7,006
Revenue from currency conversion differences   1,564   773
Adjustment payments in connection with claims to construction contract services   700   0
Revenue from forward exchange transactions (without a qualified/designated hedging relationship)   501   0
Profit from the sale/deconsolidation of TomTech   466   0
Revenue from the disposal of property, plant and equipment assets and intangible assets   183   465
Revenue from operating a photovoltaic system   176   0
Revenue from the sale of non-current assets held for sale   0   1,936
Compensation payments in connection with a resolved legal dispute   0   650
Others   615   682
Other operating revenue   8,262   11,512

Under consideration of the currency translation expenses recorded under cost of revenue, distribution expenses, and administration expenses, the net expenses in the reporting period amounted to 535 thousand euros (prior year: income of 202 thousand euros).

The remaining other operating income essentially contains insurance payments, cost transfers as well as income from account consolidation.