Company Organisation

By consistently aligning the company structure to the strategy, an important precondition has been established for using the opportunities resulting from the described market developments. The almost comprehensive geographic presence with more than 50 locations in Germany and Switzerland and two new locations in Austria enable Bechtle to address local medium-sized businesses on site via the regional system houses and – from the perspective of the Bechtle Group as a whole – to attract businesses and corporations that operate on a nationwide scale and that need a large IT service provider as a reliable partner. Despite the great significance of decentralised responsibility and decision-making structures, the Bechtle Group benefits from its size in the field of centralised administrative tasks and bundled purchasing and logistics processes by achieving substantial economies of scale. Additionally, competence centres and specialised product management teams bundle expertise that is centrally made available to all locations.

Thanks to the attained market position and the combination of centralised and decentralised structural elements, Bechtle is ready to actively use the market opportunities. In the public clients division, for example, Bechtle has centralised the competencies and experience for this special market segment. This organised interaction between central support and a decentralised market approach by the system houses also yields improved opportunities for growth in this market – a proven basic principle that Bechtle also applies in the organisation of the managed services division.