Service Range

Enterprise customers increasingly expect their IT providers to deliver complete solutions from one source. With its combination of trading and services and, within the field of services, with its blend of project, maintenance, and financing business, Bechtle is well prepared to benefit from this trend. Furthermore, Bechtle has duly positioned itself by means of acquisitions, strategic alliances, and competence centres especially tuned to the needs and trends of the market and has fortified its position with qualified staff.

More than ever, the difficult global economic situation is forcing companies to review their business processes. At the same time, it stimulates interest in innovative IT management models like outsourcing. The outsourcing of the IT or parts of it enables companies to redistribute costs by allocating IT expenditure exclusively to operating expenses and by freeing up capital that would otherwise be invested in IT. Moreover, due to the global economic decline, many outsourcing customers are questioning the reliability of their partners. This influences their choice of service providers, prices, and how and by whom the external services are rendered. In future, the expanded range of outsourcing solutions and managed services could yield attractive growth opportunities for Bechtle. Customer relationships in this operation business are usually of a long-term nature, which facilitates the business performance planning. Moreover, the projects promise higher margins than the orders in the conventional trading business.

Bechtle adapts flexibly to the needs of the market

In view of the more restrictive lending practices to medium-sized industrial enterprises, especially IT system houses with a technological one-stop solution package and a wider range of financing services have a certain competitive advantage. Particularly in economically difficult times, leasing models can facilitate the roll-out of important IT projects despite shrinking budgets. This financing alternative also promotes long-term customer loyalty and the recruitment of new customers.