Manufacturers and Distributors

Within the scope of its business activity, Bechtle AG maintains close partnerships with all major suppliers and manufacturers in the industry, such as the cooperation with IBM in the field of outsourcing. The intensive collaboration with partner companies enables Bechtle to offer technologically suitable solutions for the growing bandwidth of customer requirements. Thus, Bechtle is improving its own growth opportunities especially by means of a more extensive range of individual solutions for medium-sized customers and public clients, particularly in the field of services and software.

Both sides benefit from close collaboration with manufacturers

To support this collaboration, Bechtle has additionally appointed Vendor Integrated Product Managers (VIPM) for strategic manufacturers, who promote the interests of the manufacturer and of Bechtle alike. For example, information of the manufacturers can be forwarded to the responsible sales and service staff without delay in a centralised and target-oriented manner. This enables Bechtle to ensure that its customer offer reflects the state of the art at all times. In this way, the quality of Bechtle’s sales activities increases, and customers benefit immediately from product promotions of the manufacturers. On the other hand, the Bechtle product catalogue, for example, has for many years been a sales channel with a high multiplier effect for manufacturers and distributors.

Additional synergies are achieved through the standardisation of logistics processes and synchronisation of the ERP systems between the partners. This not only makes for a wider product offer and increasing availability of the goods, but also increases the attractiveness of Bechtle for other distributors and manufacturers.