In the IT system house & managed services segment, Bechtle reaches the medium-sized customer target group in the German-speaking region with a dense network of system houses. Due to the widely diversified customer structure, the effect of industry-specific economic trends and investment-related framework conditions is relatively minor for the company. Moreover, Bechtle’s long-standing presence in this segment represents a high market entry barrier for potential competitors. The clear concentration on the medium-sized business segment enables Bechtle to further expand its market leadership and position its own business model on a cross-industry level.

Further expansion of the public clients segment

Bechtle also offers its services to public clients, a business segment in which the company has consistently expanded its activities in recent years. Apart from the basic opportunity associated with the expansion of the customer portfolio and the achievable volume, the specialisation of the portfolio on the special needs of public clients offers another opportunity: the investment behaviour of the public sector is less susceptible to economic trends and is often even anti-cyclical. Thus, for example, for the current year - based on government economic recovery programmes - it is expected that the investments of public clients will exceed the value of the prior year.

In the IT e-commerce segment, the company is active with the Bechtle direct and ARP Datacon brands in selected European countries. In this segment, Bechtle regards a wider customer approach and increased customer bonding through the use of bios® shops (see chapter “Service Spectrum and Processes”) to be an opportunity for future growth.

Apart from Bechtle direct, which concentrates on enterprise customers, Bechtle ÖA direct serves as a platform for public clients. In this field, too, the anti-cyclical investment behaviour of public clients provides the opportunities already addressed above.