Important Events after the Balance-Sheet Date

In the fiscal year 2009, Bechtle AG continued with its share buy-back programme. From the beginning of the year until 2 March, 4,403 shares were purchased at an average purchase price of 11.09 euros. The purchase of the treasury shares had no major effects on the earnings, assets, and financial position. The total number of shares purchased between 9 October 2008 and 2 March 2009 under the buy-back programme amounts to 213,903. The average purchase price was 10.70 euros and thus significantly below the annual closing price of 13.66 euros.

Bechtle continues with internationalisation strategy in IT e-commerce

In early March, Bechtle direct will be launched in Portugal. The start of the operations of Bechtle direct Portugal, Sociedade Unipessoal Lda brings the number of European countries in which the group is represented with the IT e-commerce segment to eleven. In the current fiscal year, no major effects are expected on the earnings, assets, and financial position.

Apart from this, the Bechtle Group was not affected by any special events between the balance-sheet date 31 December 2008 and the preparation of the consolidated financial statements on 2 March 2009. Moreover, Bechtle AG currently does not plan any major internal structural or strategy changes that would have a substantial impact on the company’s earnings, assets, and financial position.