Acquisitions and Divestments

The Bechtle Group intends to further strengthen and expand its market position by means of specific acquisitions. On principle, the decision to purchase a company and integrate it in the group always involves an entrepreneurial risk. It is always possible that the expectations placed on the acquired company might not fully materialise. Bechtle addresses this risk by conducting extensive due diligence audits in advance and by taking measures that support the acquisition process. The preparation, implementation, and audit of acquisitions take place in line with defined competence arrangements and approval processes. Moreover, Bechtle has years of experience in integrating companies. The company has established the structures that are necessary for this and operates according to a concept that meets the group’s needs in connection with the integration of newly purchased companies in the best way possible.

The rapid growth of Bechtle and the new staff who join the company through acquisitions tie up human and organisational resources during the integration phase. At the same time, however, these risks are balanced by considerable entrepreneurial opportunities for further development of the group.

The growth and the strategic objectives of Bechtle AG necessitate divestments in certain areas, resulting in a concentration on the core business fields. These measures involve the risk of not being able to sell certain business activities or selected operational units as planned.

Legal Framework

Being active on an international scale, the Bechtle Group is subject to various national laws. This may involve risks for legal transactions – for instance when drawing up contracts – which Bechtle counters by engaging legal advisors at an early stage whenever necessary.

At present, the company is not involved in any legal disputes that could have a negative effect on the consolidated earnings. Bechtle AG will form provisions for legal disputes for all future legal disputes in connection with the group’s business if liabilities are likely to result and the amount of the liabilities can be determined with reasonable certainty.