Strategic Financing Measures

The company has a relatively high equity ratio of 62.8 per cent. The current business, necessary replacement investments, and the share buy-back programme are financed with cash and cash equivalents and the current operating cash flow. The need for funds for acquisitions in the past fiscal year was partly covered by cash, cash equivalents, and new financial liabilities. As there were no major investment projects, no strategically significant financing measures, such as capital increases or the issue of bonds, were necessary in the past fiscal year.

The financial strategy of Bechtle AG provides for continuous review and, if necessary, optimisation of the capital structure. The increase in current and non-current financial liabilities from 9.8 million euros to 15.7 million euros in the reporting period improved the leverage and thus the efficiency of the capital structure. At the same time, the available cash and cash equivalents ensure financing security.

Regardless of its own investment projects and the situation in the capital market, Bechtle AG pursues the goal of having sufficient access to various financing sources at all times.