Intangible Assets

The assets of a company not only consist of quantifiable elements that can be measured in figures, but also of elements that can only be described in qualitative terms. The employees of Bechtle AG are doubtlessly among the most important assets. The group reports on this subject in a separate chapter on here.

Bechtle collaborates closely with vendors and distributors

Moreover, Bechtle considers the supplier relationships in both business segments to be highly significant for the company’s success. Bechtle collaborates with more than 300 vendors and about 600 distributors across Europe. Based on a close supplier relationship, Bechtle is able to offer its customers a comprehensive spectrum with transparent market prices and quick availability. Usually, ordered goods are delivered within 24 hours in the form of fulfilment solutions directly from the vendor or distributor to the customer.

Thanks to the close partnership with the vendors – partly via in-house product managers for the most important vendors – Bechtle receives information about new product developments at an early stage and is therefore always able to offer customers optimum solutions.

Especially in the consulting-intensive service business, customer relationships are the key to success. Respectability, reliability, and continuity are indispensable properties of customer relationships, particularly in dealings with medium-sized customers. Bechtle has been active in the IT market for more than 25 years and has concentrated on medium-sized customers as the core segment from the outset. Therefore, the company not only has a grown customer base, but is also able to use its long-standing experience to quickly establish a successful basis for new customer relationships.

Thanks to the broad market acceptance and the high market penetration, the brands Bechtle direct, ARP Datacon, and Comsoft direct, which belong to the Bechtle Group, represent an intangible asset for the company. The positive image of the brands among customers, vendors, and employees, which has been built up over many years, is very important for the group’s business success.