Shareholder Structure

In the reporting period, the shareholder structure of Bechtle AG did not undergo any changes. The company founder’s daughter Karin Schick still holds 32.03 per cent of the shares. This figure includes the shares of Schick GmbH, whose partner Karin Schick is, and shares belonging to her underage son. Another 18.47 per cent are held by the investment company BWK GmbH, which had already invested in Bechtle prior to the public offering. Both major shareholders pursue a long-term investment strategy and currently do not plan to change their positions.

The free float comprises all shares of shareholders who hold less than five per cent of the equity capital. This does not include shares held by the company itself. As of 31 December 2008 the free float amounted to 49.50 per cent. These shares are held by a wide spectrum of domestic and international private and institutional investors.