Conflicts of Interest

The members of the Executive Board and of the Supervisory Board are committed to the interests of the company. In their decisions within the scope of their activity, they are not permitted to pursue personal interests or use business opportunities to which the company is entitled for themselves. The Executive Board members disclose any conflicts of interest to the Supervisory Board and inform the other members of the Executive Board without delay. In its report to the Annual General Meeting, the Supervisory Board provides information about any encountered conflicts of interest and their consequences.

During their activity for Bechtle, the Executive Board members are subject to a comprehensive competition ban. Any kind of side-lining, including the assumption of supervisory board mandates outside the group, is subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board. In the past fiscal year, the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board members did not experience any conflicts of interest, e.g. due to a consulting or organ function on behalf of customers, suppliers, lenders, or business partners. Detailed information on the mandates of the board members on supervisory boards and similar supervisory bodies is presented in the notes to this Annual Report (Executive Board members and Supervisory Board Members).