Shareholders and Annual General Meeting

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The Annual General Meeting is a central organ of Bechtle AG by means of which the shareholders can make use of their rights and exercise their voting rights. By virtue of law, the shareholders are involved in fundamental decisions such as the staffing of the Supervisory Board, amendments to the articles of incorporation, the appropriation of retained earnings, or the issue or redemption of shares. Bechtle AG only has no-par common bearer shares in circulation. All shares grant the same voting rights. To enable shareholders to safeguard their interests at the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Board appoints proxies on whom the shareholders can confer their voting rights, subject to their directives. It is ensured that the proxies can be reached at all times during the Annual General Meeting. The agenda and the needed reports and documents for the Annual General Meeting are made available to the shareholders for review and download at

To ensure a smooth procedure at the Annual General Meeting, the company reserves the right to ballot the election of new Supervisory Board members with the block method, even if an individual election was conducted in 2008. The corresponding provision was included in the articles of incorporation by resolution of the Annual General Meeting on 22 June 2005.

The management of Bechtle AG still does not broadcast the entire Annual General Meeting over the Internet. In the opinion of the Executive Board, the organisational costs and the legal uncertainties would surpass the benefits for the company and its shareholders.