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Bechtle’s core target group consists of medium-sized businesses. Bechtle defines the size of businesses according to the number of PC workstations. Local medium-sized businesses are customers with 20 to 50 PC workstations, regional medium-sized businesses are companies with 50 to 250 PC workstations, and upper medium-sized businesses are enterprises with 250 to 2,000 PC workstations. Though Bechtle does not cater for private customers, the ARP Datacon companies still serve this customer segment to a minor extent.

This size and potential-related segmentation of medium-sized businesses is the only demarcation of Bechtle’s market. Within the defined size limits, all companies are potential Bechtle customers, regardless of the industry they belong to.

Despite the basically industry-independent marketing approach, two industry specialisations have emerged in Bechtle’s clientele. These are the result of the peculiarities of the respective markets, and they are partly taken care of separately in the company. One of these is the public clients division, which, as an internal service unit, supports the decentralised system houses in the processing of public request for tenders. In view of the complexity of this customer segment, which can be seen in areas such as the tender process, such a specialisation is a must. Moreover, Bechtle markets special offers intended exclusively for the savings banking sector.

Geographically, Bechtle’s IT system house & managed services segment operates exclusively in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In the IT e-commerce segment, the Bechtle Group is active all over Europe.