Research and Development

As a pure service and trading company, Bechtle is not involved in any research activities. Development activities are only conducted to a very limited extent, and principally for internal purposes. Due to the limited scope and the negligible economic significance of the development work, Bechtle does not report any R&D figures.

In the reporting period, the development work involved the maintenance and update of the Web shop and of BELOS, a proprietary software. The BELOS resource management software is used for planning and conducting events, training, and meetings. The software was prepared to meet internal needs and is marketed only to a limited extent. It is subject to regular maintenance and ongoing development.

The online solutions of the existing Web shops of Bechtle direct and ARP were developed internally by Bechtle in 1995. Since then, a team of programmers has taken care of the continuous maintenance and further development of the e-commerce platform and the implementation of new countries, such as the market launch in Ireland and the current market launch in Portugal.

Apart from this, no major development work was done in the reporting period.