Meetings and Central Issues

In the reporting period, the Supervisory Board held six plenary sessions: on 5 February, 26 March (balance-sheet meeting for the annual financial statements 2007), 17 June, 22 July, 21 October, and 10 December. Extraordinary meetings did not need to be convened. Even between the meetings, the Chairman of the Executive Board informed the Supervisory Board about any projects that were of special importance to the company or that were urgent. When necessary, resolutions were adopted via circular procedure.

All measures and transactions that required the approval of the Supervisory Board were discussed in detail at Supervisory Board and committee meetings. Thus, at its balance-sheet meeting, the Supervisory Board adopted the annual and consolidated financial statements of the prior year, approved the proposal for the appropriation of retained earnings, and released the final version of the business plan for 2008.

In the past fiscal year, the most important subjects discussed included:

  • Organisational and structural changes in the group management, especially in the Executive Board,
  • Acquisitions, which totalled five,
  • The expansion into the Austrian system house market,
  • The further development and expansion of the managed services division, and
  • The consistent continuation of the multiple-brand strategy in e-commerce.