Portrait of the Executive Board

Chairmen (Photo)

Dr. Thomas Olemotz (centre),Spokesman of the Executive Board, Responsible for finance & controlling, corporate communication and investor relations, IT, logistics & service, human resources, and legal

Born 1962, married, two children. Upon completion of his studies in business economics, Dr. Thomas Olemotz entered Gießen University as a scientific staff member. After obtaining his doctoral degree, he first served as assistant to the Executive Board of Westdeutsche Landesbank and then moved on to Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung, where he became the division head responsible for mergers and acquisitions. His next professional milestone was a position as head of business development at Delton AG. In this group of companies, Dr. Thomas Olemotz finally assumed responsibility for finance and human resources as member of the Executive Board of Microlog Logistics AG. In March 2007, he was appointed CFO of Bechtle AG.

Michael Guschlbauer (left), Responsible for the IT system house & managed services segment.

Born 1964, married, two children. After finishing his training as an office and communication electronics engineer, he first worked in engineering, project management, and pre-sales positions and later transferred to sales. In 1994, Michael Guschlbauer joined DeTeSystems, as a sales representative, then in various management positions, and finally as a member of the Board of Management of T-Systems Business Services, in which capacity he was in charge of the Large Enterprises division, Sales & Service management. In January 2008, he embarked on his career at Bechtle as division head of managed services.

Jürgen Schäfer (right), Responsible for the IT e-commerce segment

Born 1958, married, two children. After his studies of business economics and a job at a medium-sized wholesale company, Jürgen Schäfer joined Bechtle in 1988. He was first responsible for purchasing and organisation and was later appointed director of the Bechtle IT system house in Würzburg, Germany. Subsequently, he successfully established the trading business under the Bechtle direct brand and supervised the European expansion and the consolidation of all trading processes in Bechtle’s logistics and service division.