An eventful year

>> Development


Since 1992, acquisitions have been part of Bechtle's growth strategy. In this context, regional aspects like the expansion of the geographic coverage and the development of attractive economic zones play a substantial role. Additionally, special qualifications, the filling of a promising niche, or excellent contacts to strategically important customer groups may also suggest an acquisition. Apart from economic considerations, there are other vital questions that need to be answered: Do the people suit Bechtle? Are the corporate culture and leadership philosophy transferable? If the audit of the financial figures, too, yields a positive result, Bechtle may decide to acquire the particular company, thereby expanding its presence.

D-A-CH covered

In the fiscal year 2008, these variables applied in five cases: in Offenburg, in Duisburg, in Meschede, and twice in Vienna. By means of the market entry in Austria, Bechtle has also reached its goal of being present in all Germanspeaking countries (D-A-CH) with the system house segment.

>> Awards

Customer Award

Two awards that confirm Bechtle's high quality are representative of numerous awards and honours by manufacturers, institutions, and media. Thus, the two trade journals “ChannelPartner” and “Computerwoche” bestowed the Customer Award 2008 on Bechtle. The award designates the company as the most customer-friendly system house in the category of companies whose annual revenues exceed 250 million euros. The ranking was based on a survey of how satisfied users were with their IT service provider.

Best annual report

In the contest for the best annual report, “manager magazin” elected the report of Bechtle AG the winner in the TecDAX. In addition to the actual content, efficiency, and credibility of the report, the independent jury was impressed by the report's layout and linguistic style. The award also provides evidence of Bechtle's sound and reliable information policy, which is aligned with the current needs of the financial market.

>> Training

Success Rate

The number of trainees who embarked on their professional career at Bechtle in September 2008 was higher than ever: 87. The young people could choose from a total of twelve pro- fessions. Among the students of the University of Cooperative Education, trade, business IT, and business engineering were the most popular subjects. At the end of 2008, the number of Bechtle trainees in Germany and abroad amounted to 281.

Trainee Programme

Besides the training, the purposeful promotion of young people is a material element of Bechtle's future oriented HR strategy. In 2008, another building block was added: For the first time, Bechtle implemented a special trainee programme for the public clients division. This programme enables participants to prepare for their future responsibilities in a compact manner, to gain the needed expertise, and to establish a functional interdisciplinary network.

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