Highlights 2008


April (Photo)


Bechtle takes over BadenData GmbH in Offenburg, Germany, thereby gaining strength in the economically attractive Ortenau district. The system house offers its customers comprehensive service for computer networks. Thus, Bechtle now has its own location in Baden- Württemberg's largest district. The position of managing director is filled by Karl-Heinz Augustin who is also in charge of the Freiburg system house.


May (Photo)


Bechtle participates in the Trollinger marathon and half-marathon with an international team of 71 runners. The fastest runner wearing the Bechtle shirt comes in sixth in the overall half-marathon ranking.


Before the Annual General Meeting, the Bechtle employees elect their representatives on the Supervisory Board. Udo Bettenhausen, Uli Drautz, Daniela Eberle, and Barbara Greyer (ver.di) are confirmed in office. New Supervisory Board members: Jürgen Ergenzinger (IG Metall) and Sonja Glaser-Reuss.


June (Photo)


On 17 June, the Annual General Meeting of Bechtle AG elects Dr. Walter Jaeger as new member of the Supervisory Board and confirms Kurt Dobitsch, Gerhard Schick, Karin Schick, Klaus Winkler, and Dr. Jochen Wolf in office as shareholder representatives.